31 Weeks and Counting

Here we are in the newly established nursery at exactly 30 weeks and 6 days (31 weeks today). If you look closely, you’ll see that Sam stopped by to investigate the situation.

Can you see the uncertainty in my smile and the terror in my eyes?  It’s quite real, I assure you!

That’s all I’ve got.  Just biding my time, working, and enjoying every last minute I have to myself.  Have you ever considered how enjoyable a simple trip to Target, the post office, or the bank can be?  It’s incredible!  I mean, someone should write a book about it.

2 comments to 31 Weeks and Counting

  • Tara

    Are you sure there’s TWO babies in there?!?! If so, where you hiding the other?? You look amazing for being as far along as you are! And yes…a solo trip to Target is pure heaven! I LOVE THAT PLACE!!

  • Oh, yes. There are definitely two! I used to be able to tell who was who when they moved based on where they were hanging out. Now, it’s like a big bag of snakes writhing around. Good thing I don’t have an aversion to those!

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