A Baby Monkey?

monkeyDear DK Publishing,

You have a very popular book finding it’s way into nurseries everywhere called Baby Touch and Feel – Animals.

Allow me to get to the point… I’m a busy work-at-home Mom to twins.  Quite frankly, I work my ass off.  Oh, and speaking of asses, are you aware that monkeys have tails attached to theirs?  The so-called baby monkey that appears in your book doesn’t.  Why?  Because it’s a chimpanzee!!  You know, those animals who share something like 98% of our DNA?!?

You got the kitten and the tiger cub right, so congratulations there.

I don’t have time, nor should I have to explain to my kids why a book for babies and toddlers, written by full-fledged adults, can’t get this simple detail right.  That’s just embarrassing.

Well, that’s it.  I won’t keep you.  You’re probably busy working on your next book, Minnesota – Land of 10,000 Oceans.

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