A Pink Cell Phone?

Yes, I have a pink cell phone.  And, anyone who knows me, as I am now, was shocked to see it since I’m “neutral girl”.  If I’m running a bit behind on laundry, you might see a frill or a splash of color, but other than that… it’s pony tails and khakis.

I’ve had the phone for a while now, but it just occurred to me yesterday as to why I would have made such a radical move.  I think I’m trying to hang on to that last little bit of femininity I have left, but in the most non-invasive way I can.  In high school, I used to spend an hour getting ready and never wore the same outfit twice within a 2-week period – blasphemy!  Then it hit me.  Shortly after getting my own room in the basement (the most coveted of all spaces for any high schooler wanting to get as far away from their lame parents as possible), my Dad installed a phone for me.  Granted, it was tied into the house phone line, but nonetheless… finally, the privacy a high school girl needs!  And, it was hot pink.  I’ve since toned it down with soft pink.

I hate, HATE the fact that parents nowadays have to deal with cell phones, iPhones, the internet… I mean, if someone called me back in high school and I wasn’t around, they’d have to call back.  No answering machines.  No GPS, no tweeting, nothing!  I dread the day that my 5-year olds start asking for iPhones to find out what time the Bulls are playing so they can watch the game and chat about it over video chat with their buddies.

They want a phone, they’ll get one… installed into a phone jack in their bedroom.

Ugh.  Calgon, take me away!

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