ABBA vs. Diapers

You know your life has changed significantly when you start chanting:

Check a diaper
Check a diaper
Check a check a
Diaper diaper

in lieu of ABBA’s

Take a chance
Take a chance
Take a take a
Chance chance

A few recent changes in our house:

Dad and JamesThis one isn’t anything new.  James and Daddy looking more and more alike. 

Dad and James making facesAnd, acting more alike too!  Yikes.

Elsa Crawling into CubbyElsa crawling into the kids’ toy cubby (previously known as our bookcase).

Elsa Clown FaceElsa’s creepy clown face.  She’s not a fan of the camera.
Getting a pic with her eyes open… miraculous!

1 comment to ABBA vs. Diapers

  • I love it! They are both so stinking cute (no pun intended). I do think the post baby transformation can be pretty amazing in our homes and just with us as new parents. Such an adventure!

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