Adorable Fall Photo?

I couldn’t help myself.  I made a trip to the store and HAD to pick up a pumpkin (baby size, of course) for the two little people.  Then, I thought… how cute.  I’ll take a picture of them with their pumpkins.

Adorable, isn’t it?  I thought so.  But, obviously “baby brain” wins again.  It was brought to my attention, and some seemed to think, that the pumpkin was a bit precariously placed.  What is wrong with you people?

Ok, maybe you’re right.  Elsa, we spared you from this one.  Sorry James, but think of it this way…  you’ll have plenty to come back at your mother with when you’re older.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what his onesie says, it’s “Twins are Twice as Nice”.  For some reason, they left out the part about them being twice as expensive and twice as noisy.

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