Another challenge and some more press

Oh yes, I’ve done it again.  I always seem to be getting us into some sort of trouble, pushing the envelope of our sanity.

First, my fertility stepped up to the plate and produced twins.   Then a bathroom remodel.  Then… a kitchen remodel complete with camera crew.

This time, I’ve volunteered us to do a Green Challenge for an upcoming issue of Kiwi Magazine.  Here are a few hints about what the challenge is:

  • Something in the house will be getting a lot lighter.
  • Grandma and Grandpa did it.
  • Gloves may be in order.
  • I actually put together a spreadsheet about it at one time.
  • Daddy isn’t exactly hyped for this challenge.
  • Sam… he could probably care less, although he might get off on the extra smells.

Kiwi Logo

Figure it out?

Leave a comment with your best guess and, one week from today, Elsa & James will pick a winner at random to receive a one-year subscription to Kiwi Magazine from yours truly.

1 comment to Another challenge and some more press

  • Wee Wee

    Either a greenhouse (sunroom) or an outhouse? ha

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