Are all systems “GO”?!

I thought my ultrasound this morning was at 10am however, last night I thought I’d double check.  So, I log into my personal portal on our hospital’s website, look in my (MY!) message center’s inbox and see that it says 11am.  So, fine.  My sister, her two kids, and I show up at 11am.  The kids, of course, were quite excited to see and hear heartbeats – LIVE!

When I tell the woman at the desk that I am there for an 11am, she looks confused and says, “I’ve actually got you down for a 10am and an 11am”.  Great.  We are asked to wait and told that the infamous “they” would be right out so I thought, ok fine, we’re good to go.

A tech comes out shortly thereafter to discuss.  It turns out that the 11am I saw in MY (I repeat, MY) message center’s inbox, had to do with the doctor’s schedule not the actual appointment time.  Anyone following me here?  Does this make any sense?

I reschedule for a 1:30pm appointment next week and am told, “Don’t pay any attention to the email you’ll receive noting a 2:30pm appointment”.  WHAT?!?!  Sure enough, there are two emails in my (MY!!!) inbox; one noting 1:30pm and one noting 2:30pm, with no distinction between “my” time and the apparent “doctor’s schedule”.  Do doctor’s operate on a separate time zone?

We shed a couple tears of regret (well, my niece did anyway) and we moved on with our day.

Grrrr!!!  That’s all I have to say.

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  • Amy Jo

    That so sucks. I’m sorry!

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