I’ve never been a huge proponent of birthdays or birthday parties.  In my humble opinion, the one(s) being celebrated should be the parents, specifically the mother; a sort of “Thanks again for all those miserable days you spent sick, fat, and bloated, and the numerous hours you suffered in painful back labor with me!”

Not to mention, how much do you actually remember about your birthdays when you were 1, 2, or 3 years old   My husband jokes about tossing birthday hats on our kids, plopping them down in front of a birthday cake and taking a picture.  Done!  We might be able to get away with it for a while.  Don’t worry… I’m not completely heartless.  I fully recognize the social benefits of getting the little monsters out amongst family and friends.

Here’s a pic taken around the time of my third birthday.  Me and my 9 grandparents!  I don’t have any recollection of the horrible polyester or expressionless faces at this age.  I do, however remember all of them and I’m still enjoying the company of my two grandmothers.

And, no… it’s not my birthday today.

3 comments to Birthdays

  • I made it a habit of calling friends of mine on the birthdays of their children and congratulating them! I also had a great time with my then-2 year old nephew on one of my Dad’s birthdays – his grandfather. I put him in front of the birthday cake and taught him how to “sample” the icing with his fingers, while Grandpa videotaped it. That’s still one of the more entertaining videos of his life and he does remember that day (he’s almost 22 now!)
    You’ll have fun making those memories, Heidi!

  • Kisha

    You know how much I LOVE my birthday and others. I think its a great time for me to celebrate still being around and all the love that surrounds me. I can remember birthdays from as little as about 3 both big and small. But I also respect folks who are bit more low key and private than myself. It takes a special personality to wear not only a tiara on the day but declare the entire month mine to do with as I please. I say let the twins decide. 🙂

  • Heidi Danos

    Maybe I’d feel better about my birthday if I wore a tiara. Hmmm. Maybe next year.

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