Birthing & Labor Class

We attended a terrific birthing and labor class this past weekend at Evanston Hospital.  Taught by a labor & delivery nurse with 25 years experience, it was very informative and I would highly recommend it to anyone in this area.

The only disappointing part… during the tour of the labor & delivery area, we had the opportunity to peer down the cold, sterile hallway where we’ll be delivering – the operating room.  I’ll have the opportunity to labor in a typical labor room until I’ve hit 10 centimeters, and then it’s off to the operating room with our “cast of thousands”, just in case.  On the plus side, we couldn’t be in a better place.  Evanston is a Level 3 hospital with everything and everyone we’d ever need in case of an emergency.

So, what exactly is the “cast of thousands” you ask?  I honestly can’t remember them all, but here are a few.  I think we counted a total of 17 once.

– Pete
– My doc
– My nurse
– A resident and/or student
– Each baby will have their own nurse & pediatrician
– Anesthesiologist
– And, the list goes on…

Eh… who needs privacy anyway.  Ha!

Right now, we’re hoping Baby A (the first to be delivered) is in a head-down position.  At our 27 week ultrasound, he was still breech.  And, because space is at a premium, the sooner he settles into his head down position, the better.  We’ve been playing several games of “follow my fingers” lately to try and encourage.  I hope he’s paying attention!

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