Bumbo Seat recall and a note to parents

James enjoying his Bumbo (back in the day)!

Parents, quick!!!  Send back your Bumbo Seat, your high chair, stroller, the wood floors in your house, and while you’re at it… the carpet, your changing table, replace your stairs with a slide – or, better yet, install a lift but be sure to include a helmet and safety pads for all riders.

So, your 9-month old falls out of a Bumbo Seat and fractures his skull.  Where was the Bumbo Seat?  On top of the table you say?  What is wrong with you??  And, you’re blaming the company for this misstep?

I’m beyond words.  Honestly.

“Honey, little Johnny fell out of his Bumbo seat.  Quick… call the company and sue!  They owe us a college education.  And, while you’re at it, call the company that installed our floors.  They should be liable too for not installing springs under the flooring to help prevent serious injuries when babies fall.  And, dammit, call God’s people too.  Why on earth did he make babies that fall and get hurt.  That’s just a faulty product in my opinion.  Recall on all babies!!”

Our son, James, recently ended up with a mild concussion.  And, guess what.  We didn’t sue anyone!  Nope, not a soul.  Why?  Because we, his parents, took responsibility.  He was playing with Daddy on the floor, took a tumble, and hit his head.  Did we feel bad?  Sure.  Do I feel bad for the little guy that tumbled out of his Bumbo and fractured his skull?  Of course!!  To his parents… lovely way to waste our justice system’s resources.  Way to go.

And, to Stella Liebeck, the woman who sued McDonald’s over hot coffee spilling in her lap back in 1992, damn you!  I’m pretty confident that you were an instigator in America’s obsession with frivolous lawsuits.  It’s coffee.  IT’S HOT!!!

So, be prepared people.  Pretty soon, your Starbucks will come with a 10-page how-to and babies will be delivered with a 200g hard drive, full of instructions and warnings.  Ouch.

8 comments to Bumbo Seat recall and a note to parents

  • Truly scary the lengths that people will go to in order to take the blame off of themselves. Come on parents!? Use your head!

  • Amy Jo

    OMG!!! That is just completely ridiculous! Our parents taught us if you caused it to happen you are responsible for it. And for goodness sakes it says on the packaging, or the bumbo itself, not to put it that high!!! I don’t even have kids and I know this!!!

  • Thanks for the Tweet and Facebook shout out! I’ll return the favor tomorrow morning with, as promised, a shout out on my blog as well as Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    In response to this post – 1. You are hilarious! 2. Yes, parents should take the blame for accidents. 3. Frivolous lawsuits just infuriate me. People have grossly taken advantage of the system.
    Alana of HOME: MADE recently posted..Let’s Make a Deal!

    Heidi Danos Reply:

    Infuriating, indeed!!

  • Just a quick update – the chair has had a recall reminder as of late as the injuries due to the lack of straps has increased to well over 50 injuries to children. If you have a Bumbo chair and would like it replaced for free, Prince Lionheart who is a competitor to Bumbo, has a safer version of the chair (with straps to prevent wiggling out of the chair) is doing a campaign to replace up to 1,000 Bumbos with their bebePOD. If you want more info you can email us at amanda@brilliantbabyproducts.com. Disclaimer: we are Prince Lionheart’s PR agency for this promotion.

    Heidi Danos Reply:

    Apparently, you didn’t read my stance on this issue. I find it very, very sad that another company would step on the toes of a company that is already in trouble because of a PARENTAL misstep. So much for friendly competition.

    The strap on the Prince Lionheart product that is intended to keep babies safe… well, I’m pretty sure someone will find a way for it to cause harm as well; the baby will get caught up in it, causing the seat to fall on top of them when the entire seat tumbles off the table, someone will get their fingers pinched in the strap mechanism… I think you get my point.

  • charlie h

    not sure if any of you on here really did research anything but… kids recieved injuries from bumbos both on and off of the floor. Also under and not under adult supervision. The fact that the company would not change there product to make it not so easy to tip over speaks real volume about how they feel about customer service and there duty to put out a safe product. THey just slapped a warning label to prevent any of you from filing anymore lawsuits. It is a fact that this product is product is unsafe and you all will see when it is taken off of the shelves in your local B.R.U. and target retailers.

    Heidi Danos Reply:

    I’ll say it again. There is PARENTAL responsibility and common sense missing in this equation. Some parents have found this seat beneficial, used under the right circumstances. Others have had bad experiences. It’s up to a parent to decide whether or not something is right for their child. Unless there is something blatantly wrong with a product, for example, a missing screw in a high chair (out of view of the purchaser) that causes it to collapse, injuring their child… I’ll give you that one. There’s no missing screw to be had in a Bumbo. It’s all there, right in front of you!

    People are allergic to peanuts. Should Planters be forced out of business?
    People get hurt falling off ladders. Should one be forced, by law, to surround the area they are working in with soft padding?

    People make choices every day. All I’m asking is that people take responsibility for them.

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