Calculating Time (Elsa walking & pantyliners)

Well, I’m back.  As promised.  I feel like my lung is about to explode, but the show must go on.  I’ve got an audience waiting!

Yesterday, Elsa started walking.  All by herself!  Seriously.  No, I’m not bragging.  Well, maybe a little.  Last night, Pete was camped out at the counter and I was cleaning up the kids’ mess on the table.  All of a sudden, I hear “Look, look!” from Pete.  I turn around and there is Elsa standing up, walking.  Not just one wobbly step, but several!

And, because I know you’re wondering, James is still a perfectly content crawler.  For now.

Where has the time gone!?!

So, what does all this have to do with “calculating time”?  I’ve found that, post kids, time for me is no longer calculated by a minute and second hand.  Instead, I use the following thresholds:

  • The number of meals/snacks until the kids go to bed.  5-4-3-2-1… BEDTIME!
  • The number of gray hairs I notice before feeling the need to color my hair.
  • The number of vodka sodas I can drink before comfortably laying down for a peaceful night’s rest.
  • The number of work emails I can get out before the kids get up from their nap.
  • The number of days before my nanny relieves me for a few hours.
  • Whether or not I’ll need to do one more diaper change before bed.

My sister, Amy, also has a unique way of calculating time, that I must share.  After all, she’s the inspiration for this post.  Long story short, her boyfriend is in Kuwait for 9 months.  Of course, I can only empathize.  So, I tried to reassure her one day by telling her, “Just pretend you’re pregnant.  It sucks for 9 months, but in the end you get a wonderful gift!”  Instead, she’s choosing to use the pantyliner method.  She’s got three full pantyliner boxes.  When those are just about gone, he’ll be back!

What works for you?  How do you tell time?  Do you use an old-fashioned watch?  Or, do you have a new, or otherwise unknown device?

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