The wet clothes dilemma – a McDonald’s treat!

Diaper with wet clothes

Visiting a relative… decided to take the kids to McDonald’s. We didn’t really have a choice once the big yellow arches were within view. “I found it, I see it. There it is,” shouts James excitedly from the backseat.

The PlayPlace was spectacular. A lovely play (pun intended) on a fancy tree fort.

Before entering

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New year, new table, new toe

Dining Room Table

Welcome to 2014!

I’m determined to stay on point this year, as this has been my kids’ “baby book”, not to mention, my much needed outlet for all things complaining, whining, and just talking crap.

We finally have a dining room, albeit a little disorganized still… so what better time to get an awesome dining

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A fire truck… no fire.

It was a lovely, warm, sun-filled Saturday. A friend and her two girls were coming over for a play date, while our husbands spent the day with little white balls and metal sticks on a luscious, green carpet of grass.

At 8am, I realized that we were running low on milk. Blasphemy! No milk =

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It’s too late to turn back now!

The kids are now a year and a half. I can’t believe it.

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