Another challenge and some more press

Oh yes, I’ve done it again. I always seem to be getting us into some sort of trouble, pushing the envelope of our sanity.

First, my fertility stepped up to the plate and produced twins. Then a bathroom remodel. Then… a kitchen remodel complete with camera crew.

This time,

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I am ice cream

Yesterday, I sat out on the counter a little too long. If you know a mother who hasn’t had a meltdown, let me know. I will build a shrine to her in my living room, kitchen, and above the changing table.

I’m thinking this book could be helpful. It was brought to my attention by

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Treaded tragedies

Just as I headed out of the parking garage, it hit me. No pictures! I am a horrible documentarian . It won’t happen again, I promise. Oh, and just so we’re clear, I’m blaming a close friend for today’s hijinx. You know who you are (or, you will after I explain).

Daddy and I had

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What is this Land that you speak of?

If you watch any amount of television, chances are you’ve seen the new Disneyland commercials where the parents surprise their kids with a trip to this so-called enchanted land.

Given the time, I’d produce a rebuttal to this commercial filmed from the parent’s perspective that includes:

Footage of a family standing in line for hours

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