Stressed? Take it out on your blog, he says.

So, here I am. Let me preface this post by saying – apologies for deserting you, my loyal readers, for so long. It’s been a busy few months, hence the stress. Aside from our direct neighbors (Bill, Pat, Jimmy, Matt, Becky… you know who you are), we decided that our neighborhood in the Chicago area

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Our first trip to the YMCA

What work-at-home mom with twins wouldn’t be excited about a family membership at the Y that includes 2 hours of child care, 6 days a week? I was ecstatic. Couldn’t stop talking about it.

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Snow exploration

Our first real snow of the season!

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Whining – Worst, Sound, EVER!

I am vindicated! It’s true. A recent study shows that whining is THE most annoying sound in the world. I say, “DUH!”

Where’s the study that determines what best STOPS the whining? That’s what I want to know.


Whining is the worst sound in the world, study confirms

By Jennifer Langston

If you’ve ever

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