New year, new table, new toe

Dining Room Table

Welcome to 2014!

I’m determined to stay on point this year, as this has been my kids’ “baby book”, not to mention, my much needed outlet for all things complaining, whining, and just talking crap.

We finally have a dining room, albeit a little disorganized still… so what better time to get an awesome dining

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Our first trip to the YMCA

What work-at-home mom with twins wouldn’t be excited about a family membership at the Y that includes 2 hours of child care, 6 days a week? I was ecstatic. Couldn’t stop talking about it.

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I’m buying a pharmacy!

Given the recent events that have taken place in the Danos household, I should at least consider the possibility of buying my own pharmacy. Wondering where I’ve been lately?

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Turning 40: Two month countdown

How does it feel, you ask? So far, so good. Honestly, it’s been a long uphill climb to get to this point, so quite frankly, I’m ecstatic. Yea!! I’ve made it this far, who’s to say what lies ahead.

I mean… what’s a few more gray hairs, a couple more winkles in the armor, and

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