First Birthday Party Fun

Who knew birthdays could be so much fun?

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I missed May Day? Dang it.

I find it odd that, as a child, May Day was a pretty big deal around our parts (that is, small town America), but I haven’t heard a thing about it for years.

We’d decorate little baskets (often handmade out of colored construction paper, if I recall), fill them with treats, then get carted around

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Success! Gingerbread Spritz Recipe

Happy New Year!

Yesterday, we had our big New Year’s Day bash complete with ribs, chili, baked beans, and Italian beef sandwiches. Grandma cookies and caramels also graced the table thanks to their recent visit.

The twins were a little “off” due to all the stimulation, but eventually settled down and proceeded to sleep for

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Best of 2010 Video

2008-2009 plain ‘ol sucked. We couldn’t get pregnant, made countless trips to the fertility office (I could make the drive in my sleep – almost literally), Pete wrecked the front end of his car, my car was out of commission, per our insurance company we had to do a fast roof replacement on the house,

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