The all NEW Diaper Genie!

This one doesn’t sit in the corner of a room near the changing table. It doesn’t magically appear from a jeweled lamp.

This genie is a 5′ 10″, brown-haired, blue-eyed drudge who answers to frantic distress calls of “WET!” multitudinous times between 12am and 4:30am.

Elsa: Mommy… MOMmy… MOMMY!

Mommy: Re-adjusts her

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The last six months…

It’s been a while. Please don’t judge. Two (count them O-N-E, T-W-O) 2-year-olds… remember?

My children are not my own anymore. I mean, they are mine, I own them, in the same way I own my dog – I love them, feed and water them, clothe them, and make sure they learn appropriate tricks, but…

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Elsa’s first cleaning lesson

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Coffee Shop Musings

In addition to being swamped lately, I think I’ve been inadvertently hiding from my blog after my last confession. Not to mention, life hasn’t been all that exciting lately.

Although… I must say, I was pretty excited to find a tiny, thumbnail-sized piece of solid poo in Elsa’s diaper this morning. Oh,

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