Lengthening days

Ever been afraid to have sex during the day? Soon, you’ll have your chance. Starting today, I am enacting a plan to lengthen the number of hours in a day. Eventually, it will be dark during the day, at least for a while.

A work-at-home mom with twins cannot possibly be expected to get it

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Dog training children

Note: I had a very successful dog training business for several years while living in California. After moving to Illinois, I realized that training in the snow wasn’t for me so I’ve since moved on, however I still provide occasional advice. So, this post is not without credentials.

Before having children, I was

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Holy Crap! New babies and a new kitchen

Yours truly, a reality TV star? Well, I don’t know if “star” is the right word. Perhaps “potty-mouthed goddess”?

Check out our Fix This Kitchen show that aired on A&E recently. We got to hang out with chef Graham Elliot himself and dine at his restaurant. Nicole Facciuto did

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Things your twin babies DON’T need

As promised, here’s a short list of non-essential items for raising twins. Now, don’t get me wrong, I want my kids to be happy and healthy just like any other sane, well-meaning mother, but some things… just not needed. Some of the items in my list are based on personal preference and some (actually most)

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