Daddy makes Mommy breakfast

I am, admittedly, a huge control freak when it comes to my new kitchen, but who can argue about a little mess and mayhem when this spread appears before me?

Thanks, Pete!

What really excites you?

My shipment has arrived!! One of my clients blessed me with a gift certificate for the holidays so I actually bought something for myself – not the babies, myself.

So, what miraculous and exciting things were contained within the mysterious, brown cardboard box, you ask?

An apple peeler/corer/slicer A mandolin

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Best of 2010 Video

2008-2009 plain ‘ol sucked. We couldn’t get pregnant, made countless trips to the fertility office (I could make the drive in my sleep – almost literally), Pete wrecked the front end of his car, my car was out of commission, per our insurance company we had to do a fast roof replacement on the house,

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Something no nursery should be without

It occurred to me, as I was changing the kids yesterday, that we’ve gone several days without someone peeing, pooping, or throwing up all over everything. Therefore, I’ve decided that, as a simple motivational tool for parents, no nursery should be without one of these signs.

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