Preparing for my 40th birthday

It just occurred to me that in 3 months I’ll be turning 40. So, I’ve decided that it’s about time I start celebrating — ME, that is! After all, the kids are a year old now so they pretty much take care of themselves, sans diaper changing and feeding. Leave them in the living room

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Twins – Random Lessons Learned at the Zoo

At 10 1/2 months, we decided to make a trip to the zoo. Yes, people. The “1/2? does make a difference. Think, huge. Really huge. Largest ball of string huge. I was going to provide you a link to an article, or at least a picture of the largest ball of string, but when I Googled it, a quick glance revealed “the largest ball of string” as being in Minnesota, Kansas, Wisconsin… it’s not that important.

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Pole Dancing – My First “Thumbs Down” Comment!

Pete's Perspective

Parenting magazine recently posted an article regarding pole dancing classes that are being offered to 3-year-olds in England. Of course, most people gasp in horror at that thought. I, however, chose to take another approach. That approach resulted in my first (to my knowledge) “thumbs down” comment.

I’ve created controversy!

The first

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Why Men Don’t Do the Dishes

This post is the result of a new collaboration on MoraJunction between me and my husband, Pete. I feel as though I may be venturing into enemy territory here, but I figure it’s about time he had his say, and this seems like the perfect post to start with.


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