TWOsday Treats

I’m typing one-handed with Lady Elsa in my lap. Please firgive any typos.


Snow (that white, clean, pretty, fluffy stuff) isn’t all that bad. I don’t know what Chicago is freaking out for. Check out the positive impact it’s having out East.


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Dog training children

Note: I had a very successful dog training business for several years while living in California. After moving to Illinois, I realized that training in the snow wasn’t for me so I’ve since moved on, however I still provide occasional advice. So, this post is not without credentials.

Before having children, I was

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Meet air freshener, Steve

For all you singles out there who haven’t ventured into parenthood, or perhaps don’t care to ever go there after reading some of my posts (I wouldn’t necessarily blame you!), here’s one for you.

My sister, Amy (yes, guys… she’s cute, sassy, and single), has been getting tired of coming home to a quiet apartment

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Best of 2010 Video

2008-2009 plain ‘ol sucked. We couldn’t get pregnant, made countless trips to the fertility office (I could make the drive in my sleep – almost literally), Pete wrecked the front end of his car, my car was out of commission, per our insurance company we had to do a fast roof replacement on the house,

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