31 Weeks and Counting

Here we are in the newly established nursery at exactly 30 weeks and 6 days (31 weeks today). If you look closely, you’ll see that Sam stopped by to investigate the situation.

Can you see the uncertainty in my smile and the terror in my eyes? It’s quite real, I assure you!

That’s all

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TWOsday Treats

1) Scuba diver finds, returns $7K engagement ring

Speaking of rings, I think it’s time I removed mine. In a “happy” twist, I guess that means I’m getting close to the end!

2) Despite a long weekend, I’m feeling great today! Pete and I can now relish in the fact that the

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Manic Monday



Nice lunch with a friend.


Lingering headache.

More water.

More sleep.

Trip to the grocery store.

Ok… not so much “manic” as just plain ‘ol boring and obnoxious!

Busy days ahead

Well, yesterday we hit the 30 week mark. I’m hoping we still have a minimum of 7 weeks left, but I guess that’s up to the kids.

Thanks to Pete, the guest room/live-in nanny room (any volunteers?!) is all set up. We just need to put a few finishing touches on it. There’s probably a

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