TWOsday Treats

Aside from waking up to the 1812 Overture playing in my belly (complete with cannons), everything is well. While a tad uncomfortable, it still qualifies as happy news!

Other happy stories…

1) Birthing Project provides mentors for at-risk mothers-to-be

2) Squirrels adopt strays, Canadian study finds (who knew?!?)

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Birthing & Labor Class

We attended a terrific birthing and labor class this past weekend at Evanston Hospital. Taught by a labor & delivery nurse with 25 years experience, it was very informative and I would highly recommend it to anyone in this area.

The only disappointing part… during the tour of the labor & delivery area, we had

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Another positive appointment

We’re now into our 29th week and passed our checkup today with flying colors!

HELP!?! Suggestions for relatives and friends

Since finding out that we were having twins, everyone has been very sweet, offering their help.

In one of our multiple classes, we received some great advice about the type of help we’ll need from a pediatrician who gave birth to her own set of triplets, along with a terrific handout that had some great

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