Yogurt, Crackers, and Bodily Functions

They are only two, after all. They are only two. Only two, I remind myself.

This morning, James wanted “gah-gas”. I pulled out crackers of every sort, put them in a bowl and set them on the table. Not good enough. What the heck. He screamed and cried, threw several mini-tantrums, and continued to yell

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Having twins? Here’s the gear you’ll need.

Our twins will soon be 5 months old. Hard to believe!

During the time leading up to their birth, life was filled with excitement, worry, and indescribable euphoria (minus the morning sickness). If you’re like me, while researching all the “must haves” for twins you’ll end up finding ridiculously long lists – everything from

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Best of 2010 Video

2008-2009 plain ‘ol sucked. We couldn’t get pregnant, made countless trips to the fertility office (I could make the drive in my sleep – almost literally), Pete wrecked the front end of his car, my car was out of commission, per our insurance company we had to do a fast roof replacement on the house,

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Great Grandmas’ first visit

I’ve never heard such cackling in my life. The minute our front door opened, the house sounded like it had transformed into a chicken coop with all the “cooing,” “oooos,” and “ahhhhs”. Elsa raised her eyebrows, a little suspicious of all the activity, while James took it all in stride.

L to R starting

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