Turducken Season!


I understand that it’s the season of this disgusting trifecta, but really James. Did you have to give me one on the changing table?

There’s nothing like cleaning up a seemingly never-ending poo while being peed upon… when, at the same time, the distinct smell of

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Damn you, baby brain!

Where did it go? Seriously?! You’d think that after packing up the bus yesterday to go to Target to get formula for “fussy tummy” James, that I’d think to pick up formula for Elsa as well. You’d think! Why Target, you ask? Try maneuvering a double stroller through the neighborhood Walgreens.

Back to packin’.

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A massage is in order

World's Strongest Man 2009 – Zydrunas Savickas

James is now 9lb 8oz.

Elsa is now 8lb 9oz.

I had no idea!! No wonder my back is killing me and I picked up Tiger Balm’s Neck & Shoulder Rub the other day. Good stuff!

World’s Strongest Man?

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Adorable Fall Photo?

I couldn’t help myself. I made a trip to the store and HAD to pick up a pumpkin (baby size, of course) for the two little people. Then, I thought… how cute. I’ll take a picture of them with their pumpkins.

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