First Day Without Grandma

James and Elsa’s Grandma Saeter (my Mom) was here for two weeks playing Nanny Cinderella for me. I knew it was helpful, but holy crap. Today was my first solo flight. Here’s a rundown.

Saw the folks off at 6am and fed the kids (bottles were already warming so this one was easy).

Proceeded to

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This explains it all


They’re home!!

Elsa and James have both broken out of the ISCU and are now home… well, in a hotel with Pete and I for the week. Why on earth would we be living in a hotel with preemie twins? No, it’s not because we are just plain ‘ol stupid and looking for a challenge (finding diapers,

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Girls vs. Boys

It’s the age-old question. Which is smarter, which earns more, which develops faster, which…

Girls, of course! Being a girl myself, I am, of course, a little biased. Our little Elsa, at just over 3lbs now, is taking all of her bottles as fast as a rebellious college kid chugging a beer at a frat

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