Refreshing Black Bean Dip

Had a great Father’s Day BBQ yesterday. The following recipe got rave reviews, so I thought I’d share. We had tried something similar at a friend’s and, instead of simply calling them for the recipe (that’s too easy), I decided to try my own rendition. Enjoy!

2 Cans Black beans (rinsed)

3/4 – 1

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It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Despite a stale economy, the Girl Scouts are cooking… cookies that is! This year, however, they are downsizing and focusing on only 6 different types. They are also cutting down on packaging but unfortunately, there are also less in a package too. I’ve never even heard of the Dulce de Leche or Thank

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What really excites you?

My shipment has arrived!! One of my clients blessed me with a gift certificate for the holidays so I actually bought something for myself – not the babies, myself.

So, what miraculous and exciting things were contained within the mysterious, brown cardboard box, you ask?

An apple peeler/corer/slicer A mandolin

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Success! Gingerbread Spritz Recipe

Happy New Year!

Yesterday, we had our big New Year’s Day bash complete with ribs, chili, baked beans, and Italian beef sandwiches. Grandma cookies and caramels also graced the table thanks to their recent visit.

The twins were a little “off” due to all the stimulation, but eventually settled down and proceeded to sleep for

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