A Pink Cell Phone?

Yes, I have a pink cell phone. And, anyone who knows me, as I am now, was shocked to see it since I’m “neutral girl”. If I’m running a bit behind on laundry, you might see a frill or a splash of color, but other than that… it’s pony tails and khakis.

I’ve had the

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What people DON’T say outloud

Well… in my case, I guess I did. And, allow me to preface this story a tad. I mean no ill will whatsoever. And, I am thoroughly looking forward to being a loving, caring, and tender-hearted mother and caregiver. Seriously.

Here’s how my morning started.

Accomplice, Accomplice’s Daughter, Innocent Bystander (the Grandmother), and I were

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Memorial Day

An old slide of the marching band in the 70's (before my time!)

Memorial Day brings back memories of being in high school. Not only did it signal the end of the school year for anxious students… each Memorial Day, the band would dress up in their

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Pay to Play… in Band??!?!

I opened up the Chicago Tribune this morning to an article about fees going up in area schools for everything from class registration, parking permits, and sports, to band, choir, and photography classes! Some fees are going up as much as $85 with new totals for 2011 topping out at $215!! So much for “no

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