A Bears Fan? Maybe.

Despite a pathetic performance yesterday, and my general lack of football team loyalty (aside from the Raiders who manage to pull on my heartstrings a tad), I think I’m becoming a Bears fan.

Devin Hester, Daddy Blogger?

via mkrob.com

It’s true!! Devin Hester, the Chicago Bears wide receiver, has been lured in by the staff at Chicago Parent.

Beginning in April 2011, “Hangin’ with Devin”, referring to his son, Devin, will be featured as a monthly column. ‘Til then, we’ll let him

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Insanity is Insane!!

Last night, I figured I’d get in a little workout while checking out my latest edition of Real Simple magazine. So, I headed downstairs to watch Pete do one of his scheduled Insanity Workouts. Ummm… yeah. Let’s just say I was sweating being in the mere presence of this craziness! I’ll stick to

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Mike & Mike in the Morning

My husband enjoys catching up on his sports in the morning, as do a lot of guys, I’m sure. Herein lies the reason for shows like ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning. After watching a few episodes, it occurred to me that this is just the sports version of Entertainment

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