Why Men Don’t Do the Dishes

This post is the result of a new collaboration on MoraJunction between me and my husband, Pete. I feel as though I may be venturing into enemy territory here, but I figure it’s about time he had his say, and this seems like the perfect post to start with.


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Kiwi Magazine Article

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It’s here!!

My husband and I, along with the twins, had the opportunity to participate in a Green Challenge (trudging through cloth diapers) for the June/July issue of Kiwi Magazine. Kiwi is dedicated to helping parents raise

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Depends, here I come

I assure you, this move is simply for convenience purposes and not at all related to my age or physical condition. As a matter of fact, people who have twins are apparently in pretty damn good shape!

I’ve done a lot of babysitting in my day, but I wasn’t at all

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Cloth Diaper Review Time

I know you’re dying to ask, “Did the cloth diapers stand up to the mounds of poo and gallons of pee that were expelled during your three-week challenge?” If you’re feeling guilty for disposing of bag after bag of disposable diapers, and you’ve considered cloth but just can’t get yourself to make the

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