Turning 40: Birthday month (and Halloween Recap 2011)

A warm welcome to November 2011, the month I’ll turn 40! I’m pretty agnostic about it right now. Right now being, me standing at the kitchen counter with a 20 lb. human crying and pulling on my elastic-waisted sleepy pants. I might care later, after I’ve sipped down a few cups of coffee and had

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Turning 40: One month countdown

Ok, people. This is getting serious. I’ve got exactly one month until the big 4-0.

Some thoughts:

I share my birthday with the pilgrims this year. Does that give me permission to declare the house mine and banish everyone else to the garage? My sister, Amy, is flying in for the long holiday weekend. Fairy

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Turning 40: Two month countdown

How does it feel, you ask? So far, so good. Honestly, it’s been a long uphill climb to get to this point, so quite frankly, I’m ecstatic. Yea!! I’ve made it this far, who’s to say what lies ahead.

I mean… what’s a few more gray hairs, a couple more winkles in the armor, and

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Turning 40: A Pledge

I will continue to fairy dance in the rain and “Crazy Bitch” hair bang. To my sisters…
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