Yogurt, Crackers, and Bodily Functions

They are only two, after all. They are only two. Only two, I remind myself.

This morning, James wanted “gah-gas”. I pulled out crackers of every sort, put them in a bowl and set them on the table. Not good enough. What the heck. He screamed and cried, threw several mini-tantrums, and continued to yell

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A fire truck… no fire.

It was a lovely, warm, sun-filled Saturday. A friend and her two girls were coming over for a play date, while our husbands spent the day with little white balls and metal sticks on a luscious, green carpet of grass.

At 8am, I realized that we were running low on milk. Blasphemy! No milk =

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Turning 40: A surprise visit!

I learned a few things yesterday:

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World Famous (my world anyway) Wild Rice Soup

Don’t worry… I’ve got the recipe in front of me this time. If I forget anything, I’m blaming the two beef bouillon cube containers that have been an endless source of fighting and frustration for the past 24 hours.

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