Politics and Waiting Rooms

Subjects I prefer to avoid, but I can’t help myself.

So, the other day, the twins had an appointment… with a doctor. Per the usual hub bub, we signed them in and waited, and waited, and waited. Unfortunately, this doc only comes to our location once a month and the location (to remain nameless) made

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Don’t bother with the warning

There’s probably no point in this warning. After all, if you’re…

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Levitate, levitate!

My massage therapist during a much-needed massage (the first I’ve had in over two years):

“I strongly suggest you develop your telekinesis so you can start levitating the children.”

Twins – The Truth: Part 1

So, you get pregnant with twins. People are like, “Wow, congratulations!” and then they proceed to tell you one of three things: 1) how wonderful parenting is, 2) how their aunt Tillie gave birth in a cab while suffering a cerebral hemorrhage, or 3) “Sleep now”.

The truth? After the miraculous event, and your children

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