What really excites you?

My Amazon.com shipment has arrived!! One of my clients blessed me with a gift certificate for the holidays so I actually bought something for myself – not the babies, myself.

So, what miraculous and exciting things were contained within the mysterious, brown cardboard box, you ask?

An apple peeler/corer/slicer A mandolin

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Top 5 reasons ya gotta love Facebook

Ok, ok. I’ll say it. I’m a Facebook junkie. I tried not to love it. I tried to pull away from its animal magnetism… all to no avail. So, instead of being a hater, I decided to embrace it. After all,

Where else have you ever received 127 birthday wishes ON your birthday? Heck,

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Did you forget the sauce?

I’m the queen of going to the grocery store, coming home, and realizing that I’ve forgotten something (usually the item I originally went to the store for in the first place).

Well, if you ever have breaded chicken, or any kind of chicken or pork for that matter, that needs a little saucing up,

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Fairy Poppins

After 3 months of taking care of the twins, working, and trying to maintain the house to such a degree that at least the dog hair was picked up and the toilets were clean, I finally gave up. I’m stubborn, but even Super Girl has her limits.

We finally hired a helper to

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