Elsa’s first cleaning lesson

That’s right.  You put fingerprints on my stainless steel appliances, you clean them up.  Watch that left hand!

Elsa Cleaning

6 comments to Elsa’s first cleaning lesson

  • Amy

    Now, make sure James doesn’t think that he is getting out of cleaning because he is lazy!

  • He is a little lazy, although he is starting to do a good job of mopping the floor with his little bottom as he scoots around.

  • Hahaha, this made me laugh out loud – great picture!! #commenthour
    Lizzie recently posted..So this is a career

  • haha – such a cute photo – I am sending this to a friend of mine from work cause she was complaining about her infant and fingerprints on her stainless steel! If only we could really get this to happen 🙂 Visiting from #commenthour (better late than never!)
    Bewildered Bug recently posted..What magazine defines your family?

  • Mimi Danos

    Isn’t she the most adorable little baby girl? And, look she’s even smiling while cleaning! 🙂

  • Glad to see you teaching her early. You make the mess you clean it up. How long will this behavior last?

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