Cloth Diaper Review Time

I know you’re dying to ask, “Did the cloth diapers stand up to the mounds of poo and gallons of pee that were expelled during your three-week challenge?” If you’re feeling guilty for disposing of bag after bag of disposable diapers, and you’ve considered cloth but just can’t get yourself to make the switch, you might be disappointed by my response.

The verdict: cloth diapers hold their own (literally). As a matter of fact, the two large poo-splosions we experienced during the challenge happened while the kids were wearing disposable diapers!

More details about our challenge will be coming up in the June/July issue of Kiwi Magazine. Until then, enjoy my review of several different types of cloth diapers as well as a cloth diaper detergent:


To be honest, I didn’t use these much during the challenge. Not because I didn’t trust them, but because we had just hit the point where the twins had moved into a new size so they were a bit bulky. I do, however, see these coming in handy during the warm summer months. Toss a t-shirt on the kids and the colorful diaper covers will serve as a stylish bottom. Done!

These cotton pre-folds are an updated version of “your mammas” diapers. They are extremely versatile. Bummis has a great video on exactly how to use these old-style diapers in a way your Mamma never thought. I know my Momma didn’t.

Charlie Banana

These diapers arrived at my door direct from Hong Kong! They are a pocket diaper that you can use with a cloth or disposable insert. Upon first touch, I wanted to snuggle up in one of these diapers and take a nap. They are easy to adjust with snap options for both the leg openings as well as the waist.

We also sampled their organic cotton wipes which were about the softest thing I’ve ever felt! I might have to trade in my toilet paper.

Take a peek at their full line of products.

G Diapers

These have to be the most sleek looking eco-friendly diaper option out there. And, you have the option of using a cloth insert or a disposable one for those times when you’re on the go. The velcro adjustments on the cover hold like superglue. The G-Diapers sport a unique and innovative design that comes in colors to match any outfit.

Want to start G-Diapering? Here are some terrific videos.

Fuzzi Bunz

The flagship of the modern cloth diaper. These are pocket diaper with a cloth insert. They come in several sizes, including a one-size, highly adjustable diaper. They also have a hemp version that is even more eco-friendly than their original!

Wondering what to do with the poo? Here’s a graphic (yet tasteful) video for your viewing pleasure.

Rock in Green

This detergent rocks! Seriously. Every time I open up the bag, one whiff of the pleasant scent (everything from Lavender Mint Revival and Mighty Mighty Marshmallow to Motley Clean) makes me involuntarily throw up some devil horns and start head banging.

Seriously, it cleans stinky poo diapers like nobody’s business. And, it helps to maintain your diapers suck factor, otherwise known as “absorbency”.

Check out their products and a couple of great video examples here.

Bambino Mio

While we didn’t have the opportunity to use the Bambino Mio diapers (the size we received was a tad small), I’m quite confident in these diapers’ abilities. They are a pre-fold style with a unique cover that has a bit of a gusset around the leg and bum, so the fit of the cover looks as though it would be spectacular. I wouldn’t hesitate to use these at all.

You’ll find their full line of products here.

Want more gory details? Still have questions about cloth diapering? I’m not a Dr. of Cloth Diapering (yet), although I now have some real-world experience under my best (well… more like, under my kids’ belts) and I’d be happy to help. Leave a comment or contact me directly and I’ll be sure to respond.

And, one more SHOUT OUT to all the companies that provided us with samples of their wares.

5 comments to Cloth Diaper Review Time

  • Amy

    Not even a mom… but still very interesting to hear about.

    Heidi Danos Reply:

    You are welcome to borrow mine anytime (the twins, that is… to feel like a Mom)! I mean, you can have the diapers too, but they don’t quiet have the same effect.

  • Kacey

    The Kiwi article was spot on with our cloth diaper experience and made me chuckle. I am a stay at home mom and my husband and I did the same spreadsheet and figured the cloth diapers would pay for themselves on 3 months. We have been using GroVia diapers for about 15 months. We switched to disposables at night at around 12 months. The cloth couldn’t make it for 12 hours. The Velcro is starting to wear out but the company will do a snap conversion for $3 a diaper. We have been very happy with them and will use them for baby #2 this fall. They are one size fits all!

    Heidi Danos Reply:

    Hilarious that you went the spreadsheet route as well. Haven’t tried the GroVia, but they look very similar to the pocket diapers we tried. Good luck with #2!

  • Great article! My wife and I prefer Huggies for our kids. I’m really happy that we have found many sources of diapers coupons. Otherwise it would be very expensive.

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