While Sam doesn’t freak out about fireworks, apparently all the neighborhood skunks do.  Yes, skunks.

For reference, our town, Evanston, IL, is located just north of Chicago.  We are literally about a mile from the border of Chicago.  Unfortunately, we are also two blocks from a waterway where there is just enough habitat for these cute, yet pesky, little creatures to live.

Ever since I spotted one wandering around the neighborhood like he owned the place, not to mention the family of skunks that tried to move in recently, we’ve been checking the yard thoroughly before letting the dog out at night.  Pete did the same last night, then let him out.  The fireworks started getting really loud, so I asked if Pete could check on the dog, just to make sure he was still ok.  The next thing I hear… the pitter patter of Sam’s feet in the kitchen and Pete exclaiming, “Oh, hell no!”

Next thing you know, there’s a very pregnant lady and a 55 lb. dog crammed into a square shower stall in our basement bathroom while Pete held the door shut to prevent either of us from escaping or simply falling out.

Well… if there’s a positive spin to this story, it’s that I got to try out the following de-skunking recipe.  And, while Sam didn’t get it quite as bad as our previous dog, Dino, who thought a skunk was quite the novel play toy, I think it worked quite well.

De-Skunking Recipe

1 Quart hydrogen peroxide
1/4 C. baking soda
2 tsp. dish soap

Use immediately for best results.  Do not wet the dog down first!  Sponge the mixture on (avoiding the dog’s eyes!) and let it sit for a few minutes.  Rinse off and do it all again if necessary.  I did this twice, then gave him a dish soap bath as well.

Around the house, I distributed containers of baking soda and coffee grounds which has definitely helped to pull the smell out of the house.  This trick courtesy of my Accomplice from this post.

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