Dog training children

Prairie Dog going Potty in OuthouseNote: I had a very successful dog training business for several years while living in California.  After moving to Illinois, I realized that training in the snow wasn’t for me so I’ve since moved on, however I still provide occasional advice.  So, this post is not without credentials.

Before having children, I was always adamant that dog training principles could be applied to children.  Was I wrong?  Nope.


I came across an article the other day titled “4 Things You Should Know Before Joining a Playgroup” (referring to a children’s playgroup), each of which can be related to dog training.  Children joining a playgroup and meeting new children is not unlike dogs meeting one another for the first time.

  1. Start on Neutral Ground
    Dogs can become very protective and territorial at their own house.  Dogs should always be allowed to meet other dogs outside on neutral ground.
  2. Set some mom rules
    When two dogs meet, both owners need to be alert and watchful.  Always make sure that you are effectively communicating with one another should the dogs need to be separated.
  3. Hide the contraband
    Never bring out treats when there are other dogs around, especially in a free-for-all setting like a dog park.
  4. Think ability, not age
    There’s a reason there are separate small and large dog areas at dog parks.  Would you pair a dachshund with a mastiff?

Read the full article from here.  But, don’t leave yet.  The best is yet to come.


Now, on to Dr. Phil and potty training.  See?  Told you.  When did Dr. Phil (or any man for that matter) become an expert at potty training?

Just for the fun of it, let’s do this.  I’ll give you a few tips for potty training a dog.  After reading, check out Dr. Phil’s article.

  1. Take your dog out several times during the day to “ask” him to go potty outside.
  2. When your dog successfully relieves himself outside, shower him with treats and praise.  Throw him a doggy party!
  3. Ooops!  Did he make a mistake and pee on your wool rug?  Don’t get angry with him.  Simply take him outside right away to show him, yet again, where he needs to go.

Ok, here’s the link to Dr. Phil’s article.  Oh, and no, no, no… while Dr. Phil recommends showing your children how to go potty on the toilet using a doll, I don’t recommend showing your dog how to go potty outside.  That’s just lewd.

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