Dog Training – Revolutionized!

For those of you who don’t know, I had a very successful dog training business while living in California.  I haven’t pursued it since moving to Illinois, but still enjoy sharing information and helping others out when needed.

So… the other night, I had a huge revelation!

One of these days, Sam, our 1.5 year old great dane, collie, dachshund mix (we have the DNA certificate to prove it!) has got to stop jumping on our bed, for obvious reasons.  I think I’ve come up with the perfect solution that could revolutionize dog training everywhere!

The other night, after doing laundry, I tossed a stack of my husband’s folded laundry on his side of the bed for him to put away.  I proceeded to crawl into bed, at which time Sam usually hops right up, flops down, and goes to sleep.  However, that evening, he just meandered over to his own bed on the floor and laid down.

My theory: If there is stuff on the bed, the dog will not jump on it.

My solution: Create a holographic image that displays loads of laundry on the bed.

Ok, so it could be a costly solution (and I wasn’t really serious).  And, after reading this, I think I’ll just stick to my positive and holistic training methods.

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