Don’t touch my nose!

Neti PotI’ve always hated having my nose touched. Despised it, really. I don’t know why. I guess that’s a question for my parents. Perhaps I stuck a Lincoln Log up there when I was little and had to have it surgically removed (I don’t think Legos existed yet).

Anyway… as a ModernMom Insider, I recently had the opportunity to not only stick something up my nose, but have it dribble out the other side.  For years, I’ve had awful allergies.  People always told me, “try a neti pot”.  I appeased with a half-hearted, “oh, yeah, that sounds terrific”.  Well, as an Insider at ModernMom, I felt it was my duty to finally give this dang thing a try.

Waterpik® has developed an entire line of SinuSense™ products.  I received both their Neti Bottle as well as their old style Neti Pot.  I opted for the Neti Pot.  I’ll admit, both sat on my kitchen counter for several days before I worked up the nerve to give ’em a try.

I chose to take the plunge in the shower, just in case my head exploded.  It was a little odd, but not unlike swimming and getting a little water in your nose.  Except that, in this instance, you’re prepared for it.  Note: this is not a “first time in the shower with your boyfriend” activity.

The result: After using it consistently (once a day) for two weeks, I feel great!  I’m really hoping this will help quell my springtime allergies!

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