Don’t trust me to recite a recipe. EVER!!

So, here I am hanging out at the coffee shop (with a little audio ambiance so you can feel like you’re right here with me).

Coffee shop ambiance (mp3)

But, wait!  This isn’t my usual spot?!?  What’s going on?

I’ve hit the calm before the storm with work, so I decided to take a nice leisurely drive to Trader Joe’s to stock up on some quick, easy meals.  On the way is one of my favs, Caribou Coffee.  So, here I am.

Now, back to recipes and this trust thing.  If any of you have tried the fabulous Rice Hotdish recipe found here, you already know that it is delectably delicious and super easy.  However, if you forget any of the key ingredients, it sucks.  Trust me, I could make a full-length movie based solely on my mistakes.  You’d never believe that I, quite effortlessly, made a stuffed salmon dinner last weekend, complete with homemade bread.

Anyway, I received a phone call last night from a dear friend who had called me for the recipe not 24 hours prior.

“Um, Heidi… I’m trying to figure out why my hotdish is so dry,” says friend.

“Hmmm.  Did you use Campbell’s soup, not the ‘good for you’ Whole Foods kind?” I ask.

Dear friend replies, “What soup?  You didn’t tell me about the soup!”

I DID IT AGAIN!!  This time, not only did I forget a main ingredient (2 full cans of soup), I ruined a family dinner.  To redeem myself, I quickly whipped together a peace offering of Rice Krispie Bars and brought them over to said friend’s house after they returned home from 1) realizing that their take-out place was closed on Mondays, and 2) finally sitting down to a triumphant dinner at a neighborhood restaurant.

Moral of the story: If you ask me for a recipe, make sure that it is written down and that it has been professional edited and reviewed PRIOR to making it.

Pete's Perspective

I’d like to offer an excuse for the latest example of Hot Dish gone wrong, but I just can’t do it.  I’ve seen this dish (which is AWESOME when done right) massacred too many times.  What is the common theme?  NOT FOLLOWING A RECIPE.  Recipes are written down for a reason.  Recipes guarantee a certain level of success.  Follow them and, 9 out of 10 times, you will produce the dish you desired in the first place.  You can even doctor a recipe up a bit, but the base recipe has to stay intact.  I have to admit that every time Heidi makes this dish, I jokingly (not really) ask her what she forgot this time.  Sometimes it’s the rice (I know – how in the hell can you forget the ingredient featured in the name of the dish?).  Sometimes it is the soup.  Sometimes it is the… well, you get the idea.

The bottom line is this – don’t call Heidi for the recipe for this dish.  Click on the link in the post to get it.  I hope she did not forget anything.

1 comment to Don’t trust me to recite a recipe. EVER!!

  • Mimi Danos

    Heidi and Pete, I’ve had the pleasure of dining with you and in my part in devouring the “Dish,” in it’s many creative formats. Heidi want to start recording your recipes on an actual mini-recorder while you’re cooking? That way you could transfer them on to recipe cards when the kids are a little bit older. To your defense, who can put anything together when deluged with the nuances of twins? And, Pete you’re right about tried and true recipes. You both crack me up!

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