Election be over already

One word to describe election season – insulting!  If politicians really think that people vote based on all the “he said, she said” ads, they have got to be kidding.  Ok, truly and sadly, I know that more people than not probably place ad-biased votes with no regard to what the candidate will actually do when in office.  Who cares if they smoked dope in college, posed for Playgirl (a few hot bods here, ladies!), or even dragged their fans in the dirt with them season after season, pretending that they were still the spry, young quarterback that they were back in the day and, not to mention, sending improper pics to a colleague (see here for additional info).  Oh, what… you have no skeletons?  Uh huh.

Focus on the facts, people.  Where do the candidates really stand on the issues.  How will they vote when in office?  That’s the info we need.  Not this “he stole my girlfriend back in 7th grade” crap.  Use these sites to help distinguish fact from fiction.  Make an informed decision and do your research!

http://www.snopes.com/politics/politics.asp (a fun site to explore, not only for politics, but everything from Old Wives’ Tales to Disney, Holidays, Business, and more)



Stop the ads!!  Please, I beg of you.  Seriously.

Deep breath, and… end scene.

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