Everything in its respective place

As you can well imagine, I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how I’m doing.  I gotta say… not too bad.  However, I know it’s the gory details people want.  So here they are:

  • No swelling yet.
  • No serious food cravings, although I do like my mint chip ice cream – so refreshing!
  • My digestive system is in no hurry to process anything lately.  Think sick tortoise.
  • No large meals anymore.  Small snacks throughout the day work nicely, although it makes me feel like I’m eating constantly.
  • Difficulty sleeping, but nothing a few… ok, numerous, pillows doesn’t fix.  One under my head, another to support that pillow, one between my knees, another behind my back… I’d say it takes me a good 5 minutes to get into my little cocoon.
  • Everything on my body is remaining in its respective place and is relatively the same size that it was pre-pregnancy, aside from my belly.*  For now.

*This statement does NOT include or reflect the current state and size of my milk makers.  Ugh.

1 comment to Everything in its respective place

  • Amy

    LOL. Milk Makers! Nice one. I’d take some of them if I could, we all know I could use a little more.

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