Facing my fears

My sister, Kelly, and her two kids have been in Chicago the past few days.  We’ve visited the sights and I’ve had the opportunity to face my fears!  No, not my fear of children (although that was quite real for some time)… I’m referring to my fear of heights!  I figure, what better way to try and conquer it than to visit the Willis (formerly known as the Sears) Tower and step out onto their new Skydeck Ledge!  Ugh.

Granted, I hadn’t even looked down at the point this picture was taken.  After the camera snapped it’s proof, I took one brief glance down to the street level 103 stories below as I quickly scooted out the two steps to carpeted, non-transparent land.

On a completely separate note, you’ll see that I no longer have to wonder where my belly button went!

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