Your name isn’t Mora.  Why is the site called MoraJunction?

Quite observant of you.  No, my name isn’t Mora.  Mor is actually the Norwegian word for mother.  It’s a thumbs up to my heritage.  “Junction” is probably self-explanatory.  So, where does the “a” come in?  Well, to be completely honest, I trusted some fly-by-the night online translator that told me that “mora” with an “a” was, indeed, correct.

After purchasing my domain name and setting up the website, I talked to my Grandmother, the closest thing I have to a Norwegian guru in the family, who, when asked what the Norwegian word for Mother was, quickly replied, “Oh, that’s mor”.

MorJunction just doesn’t have the same ring, so I’m happy to continue to parade my idiocy in full view and in all its splendor.

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