Feeding America’s Children

Instead of me giving you a TWOsday Treat today, let’s all give one away.

I cringe anytime I hear the words “kids going hungry”.  I can’t imagine a helpless child not getting what they need for basic survival.  Heck, anytime I’m a little slow on the uptake with snacks and get that “O-M-G, Mom, it’s about time” look, I think about all the children out there that don’t have the luxury of graham crackers, yogurt bites, and fancy rice puffs, let alone a bowl of cereal.

For some reason, Thanksgiving seems to be the only time this issue gets any press, but hunger doens’t have a season.

For a long time now, I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate awareness through this venue.  As a start, I’ve created a “Feeding America’s Children” blog hop as a way for my fellow bloggers to unite and spread the word!  If you don’t have a blog, no worries.  Just make a donation to your favorite charity, leave a comment to let us know, and loads of personal “feel good-ness” will follow!

We may not always agree on the circumstances surrounding why a child is hungry (that’s a post for another day), but no child needs to go without food in our country.  Period.

My goal was to find a single charity that focused on feeding children here in the United States whose CEO wasn’t making over $400k (ironic that I just saw people holding signs advertising this charity on the plaza at the Today Show), or whose organization wasn’t currently under investigation.  It wasn’t an easy task, however Charity Navigator was very helpful.

Here’s what I found to be one of the most respected nonprofits working to get meals to children in the United States:

“Last year alone, FAHC provided 13 regional food rescue organizations in 9 states with over 1.1 million pounds of food.  This food was distributed to approximately 100 local charitable hunger relief agencies, including food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and other emergency food relief organizations.”Truck

Another option, of course, is to check in with your local food pantry.

Participating in the Feeding America’s Children blog hop is easy.

  1. Make a donation to your favorite charity, food pantry, or organization focused on eliminating childhood hunger here in the United States.
  2. Spread the word on your blog, website, and social media.
  3. Leave a link/thumbnail below to the mention on your blog and, of course, promote this blog hop to keep things hoppin’!

Remember… if you don’t have a blog, simply spread the word via your friends and social media outlets.  Let’s see what kind of a response we can generate!  Leave a comment with the action you’re taking.

Oh, and yes, increased traffic to my blog would be great, but I can assure you, this isn’t about me.  When it is, I’ll be sure to let you’ll know.

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  • What a great idea! An important issue that should and can not be ignored. I will be on this next week, thanks for the push!
    Sarah recently posted..Bath and Body Works

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