First Day Without Grandma

James and Elsa’s Grandma Saeter (my Mom) was here for two weeks playing Nanny Cinderella for me.  I knew it was helpful, but holy crap.  Today was my first solo flight.  Here’s a rundown.

Saw the folks off at 6am and fed the kids (bottles were already warming so this one was easy).

Proceeded to clean up the shrapnel from the night before.  This included washing 8 bottles and their respective paraphernalia, tossing in a load of laundry that included numerous old diapers being used as burp cloths (they are pigs when they eat), clothes, blankets, etc.

Got more bottles ready, changed, fed, burped…

Worked a tad.

Changed, fed, burped…

Swapped out some peed-on bedding for the fresh stuff.

Washed another sink full of bottle paraphernalia.

Worked another tad.

Realized that after only a day of Cinderella not sweeping up the place, I’m already being swallowed up by Sam’s dog hair.

Laid down for 45 minutes.

Woke up to screaming.

Changed, fed, burped.

Worked a tad more.

Not to mention, each feeding included trying to entertain Sir Screamsalot each time Elsa was being fed and vice versa with Lady Loudmouth.

I plead, “Cinderely, come back!  I’ll let you go to the ball this time.  I promise!!  And, those pretty glass slippers… all yours.  Whatever you want!”

2 comments to First Day Without Grandma

  • Grandma Cinderella

    It sure is nice to know when you are needed. I will have to take a raincheck on the invite to go to the ball with glass slippers. By the way, what color glass slippers are you offering? Hug and kiss the kids from me.
    We are set up to see them on video chat now. Let us know when all of you are awake and we can try it. The grandmas will love it.
    Love you all!

  • Marilyn Danos

    Oh, Heidi and Pete, the joys of Mom and Dadhood. I was lucky enough to be living with a delightful Queen, Tula who helped out tremendously. Pete was like having 2 babies all rolled in one, arms and legs extended package. The “hawk” we called him. Have you ever had the pleasure of being up close and personal to a REAL HAWK. Quite noisy. Much louder than Sir Screamalot! The thing with James is that you know exactly why he is crying or screaming. With their Daddy, I changed, fed, played, sang, read stories, rocked, rolled, burped him. And, there were times, he continued to scream……..I even stood on my head for him, which is an awful way of getting blood and oxygen rushing to the brain. Princess Elsa, a Lady Loudmouth? I thought she was a quiet one? Coming into her own, I see. Your schedule brought back memories, even though Tula was there, the house we lived in was 3 times yours. All those stairs…there had to be at least 28? I laughed with “Laid down for 45 minutes,” and then “Woke up screaming!” Awwwww, Heidi. Love to all of you!!!!! 🙂

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