First Taste of Sushi

My parents are in town for a short visit.  And, if you’d ever lived in a small town in northern Minnesota, it’s easy to understand why they have never tried sushi.  On the other hand, you might be saying, “WHAT?!?!”  So, we ventured out to our favorite local sushi joint last evening.  While I tried to sneak along a camera for a first look at them fumbling with chop sticks, my Mom strictly forbade it so out of respect, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

All in all, I was quite impressed.  My Mom was the first to tackle a piece of fillet wrapped asparagus, but quickly gave it up after hearing me mumble something about carpel tunnel.  My Dad equated holding the two little twigs to that of a drumstick.  And, while that worked for a while he was finally beaten down by them, laughing and vehemently tossing them aside saying, “OK, give me a fork.”

Now, remember… for those of you who are thinking, “You can’t eat raw fish when you’re pregnant!”, sushi is the type of food, it doesn’t mean raw fish, although it can include that if you like.  Sashimi is raw.

So, don’t worry!  I wasn’t endangering our two little aliens.  Here’s some info on both for your reading pleasure. (I hope the kids don’t read this someday and take offense to “aliens”.  I really intend it as a term of endearment!  Really kids, I do!!)

Well, all in all, we had a great time and I promise… pics of the bump will be on their way tomorrow.

1 comment to First Taste of Sushi

  • Rosanne

    Okay, I don’t think it was very fair 😉 of your mom to BAN cameras…after all, isn’t she the one who is forever taking pictures? Hmmm, a pic of Lora Lee eating sushi would be an excellent one for facebook. Are you sure you didn’t sneak a pic from your phone?

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