Girls vs. Boys

It’s the age-old question.  Which is smarter, which earns more, which develops faster, which…

Girls, of course!  Being a girl myself, I am, of course, a little biased.  Our little Elsa, at just over 3lbs now, is taking all of her bottles as fast as a rebellious college kid chugging a beer at a frat party!  She’ll be moving out of her incubator “condo” shortly and settling into a regular bed soon.

James is a champ in his own right.  He sleeps like nobody’s business!  So well, in fact, that he’s still working on getting through all of his feedings without drifting off.  I suspect he’s trying to be efficient, saving his calories so he can continue to add to his weight gain chart that the nurses happily add his progress to every day.

Apparently, it’s not uncommon for girl preemies to surpass the boys.  Aside from our little champ, who will (no doubt) become a doctor, place kicker, or astronaut, do boys ever really catch up to us girls?

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