Gorillas and Babies

Ok… it’s 7:47am and I find myself watching the segment below about a man reunited with a gorilla that he raised via The Aspinall Foundation, who is now residing in the wild.  He hadn’t seen him in 5 years.  I was crying like a baby!  Damn hormones.

Then, a movie flashes through my mind of me in labor and delivery – I’m so happy I can’t stop crying (ah, Sting!), puddles of tears flood the room, can’t push, doctors surrounding me, urging me – ever so gently – to stop crying so I can get the little monsters out.  Finally, it happens.  Two little bundles arrive.

The movie shifts… the doctors tear off their gentle-faced human masks to reveal dark, horror movie monsters, fear envelopes the room, worry encompasses every thought, skinny little alien monsters (not unlike the little coffee guys from Men in Black) invade the room and start pulling all the money and spare change they can from everyone’s pockets, AHHHHH!!!!!!!

Rage up little hormones.  Crying isn’t so bad after all.  I embrace you, oh salty tears!

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1 comment to Gorillas and Babies

  • Love the video.

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